Hand protection

  • PU coated handling gloves: light and comfortable gloves for fine handling and handling slippery objects.
  • Anti-cold winter work gloves: gloves lined with acrylic that protect against cold and humidity.
  • Anti-cut work gloves: fiberglass reinforced gloves that provide high resistance to cuts and abrasions.
  • Nitrile chemical protection gloves: waterproof and chemical-resistant gloves, ideal for work in an industrial environment.
  • Anti-impact gloves: gloves with protective shells on the back of the hand and fingers, which cushion shocks and impacts.
  • Anti-static gloves: gloves that prevent electrostatic discharge and are suitable for electronic work.
  • Single-use gloves: disposable vinyl or nitrile gloves, which ensure optimal hygiene and are suitable for the medical and food sectors.