Body protection

  • High visibility clothing: clothing that ensures optimal visibility day and night, complying with EN ISO 20471 and GO/RT 3279 standards.
  • Workwear
  • Flame-retardant clothing: clothing that protects against flames, electric arcs, welding or chemicals, complying with EN ISO 11612, EN ISO 11611, EN 1149, EN 13034 and EN 61482.
  • Rain gear: clothing that resists water, wind and cold, complying with standards EN 343 and EN 14058.
  • Vêtements de cuisine : clothing that offers optimal hygiene and comfort, complying with EN ISO 15797 and EN 13795 standards.
  • Medical clothing: clothing that guarantees protection and elegance, complying with EN 13795 and EN 14605 standards.